Welcome From Principal Olivo

  • Welcome to Palm Bay Academy Middle School

    Dear Palm Bay Academy Middle School families,

    On behalf of our Middle School staff and the PBA Director, we welcome you to a new school year. This school year brings particular excitement as we have become a “Leader in Me” school.

    The Leader in Me process incorporates the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as its foundation. This process not only prepares your child to be a future leader, it allows them to be leaders in their school in heading different areas that assist our school to effectively run each day. The Leader in Me program also gives them opportunities to prove themselves as inspiring future leaders: academically, behaviorally, and socially.

    To learn more about this very effective and research-based proven program, we invite you to visit www.theleaderinme.org website.

    Our school is a #1 school. A #1 school includes many areas of responsibilities to itself as a school, to its students, to its staff, and to its families. Some of the characteristics of a #1 school are:

    • Implementing excellence as our consistent goal
    • Working together each day to become a better learning, caring, and supporting environment
    • Ridding its building of bullies and bullying behavior
    • Implementing a school-wide academic framework that builds on previous knowledge and bridges future learning
    • Fusing literacy (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) into each subject area
    • Incorporating different student subject areas in different classroom instruction
    • Feeling inspired and promising to do great things for each other every day
    • Becoming leaders in using and sharing our talents
    • Being responsible to be engaged learners, teachers, and staff
    • Celebrating its successes as a school and working through hard times together
    • Welcoming and utilizing its parents as engaged stakeholders
    • Forming community partnerships with organizations to support and encourage each other’s successes
    • Thinking “outside the box” when teaching and learning
    • Supplying student and family support services and directing families to outside support services
    • Assisting others to become better people

    As your new Middle School Principal, I feel extremely honored to be a part of the Palm Bay Academy family and thank you for allowing me to serve you. Please feel free to contact me any time with praises, questions, and concerns at  volivo@palmbayacademy.org or at (321) 726-9005. My door is always open.

    Educationally yours,
    Dr. Vidal Olivo, EdD.
    PBA Middle School Principal


    Meet The Principal, Dr. Vidal Olivo

    Dr. Olivo is originally from Paterson, New Jersey and began his career in 2000 with Paterson Public Schools where he was a former student and teacher. He started out at a K-8 school and immediately was identified as a leader eventually leading to being one of four founding teachers at Paterson Public International High School. After five years, he decided to relocate to Palm Bay and became an influential leader at Southwest Middle School. He holds a professional educator certificate in Education Leadership K-12 with Physical Education and Driver Ed endorsement with FLDOE, along with a NJ Standard Teaching certificate. Dr. Olivo completed his doctorate in 2017 from NSU in Organizational and Instructional Leadership. His background is in curriculum and instruction, testing and assessment, management, and leadership. Most recently, he was employed by the DoD as ESL/EFL instructor training, mentoring and instilling leadership skills to international military members of US partnering nations.

    Throughout the eight years at Lackland Air Force Base he became knowledgeable, deeply appreciative, understanding through personal experience of international cultures. His expertise in motivation, positive mindset, and attitude has proven effective throughout his 19 years in education.


    Truly, We Care More!