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    We are confident that we can serve your child’s needs, instill in them the qualities of a leader and the assurance to excel in tomorrow’s world.  We prepare students for more disciplined classroom expectations creating a stable platform for the rigorous curriculum necessary for a students’ success in later life.  We do this by clearly delineating expectations and routines first, before new learning begins.  We feel an atmosphere of trust and respect linked with knowledge of expectations creates an environment conducive to eagerness in learning and willingness to try new things. 

    PBA is a Leader In Me school. There are over 3600 Leader in Me schools in 50 countries. They are all committed to the cause of helping students develop the leadership and academic skills they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.  Applying this school-wide model, we intend to unleash each child’s full potential, forging them into the leaders we know they are!

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    Parents are included in the learning process.  We outline for our parents our classroom/student goals and the learning strategies we are employing to accomplish those goals so you can reinforce those strategies at home.  Need help with that?  Our devoted and highly skilled Title I and MTSS team create parent workshops and seminars specifically designed to help you help your student.

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    Become a Registered Volunteer

    Go to the Brevard Schools Volunteer Information page... or ...  Click here

    Approved Volunteers, after completing their online application, will proceed to BPS/Educational Services Facility – Office of District and School Security for Fingerprinting and Payment.  There is an online payment option at

    Cost is $35.00 and Annual Renewal Fee is $8.00. 
    Payment by credit or debit card ONLY.

    • Required to complete the online volunteer application successfully.
    • Fingerprinting will be completed at BPS/Educational Services Facility - Office of District and School Security.
    • Hours Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (no appointment necessary).
    • Successfully completed a VECHS Level II background check.
    • Approved by the Office of District and School Security to serve as a BPS volunteer.
    • Applicant will be notified upon approval of application.

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    FOCUS Parent Registration

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