About Palm Bay Academy

  • Palm Bay Academy is a Brevard County K-8 Title I public charter school

    Your child deserves the best educational experience possible.  Palm Bay Academy, a Brevard Schools public charter, is the better choice because we care more.  We care more about your students, about their future… and about you.  Palm Bay Academy believes that each child has unlimited potential.  Our Leader in Me model helps us unlock and fulfill the unlimited potential in each and every student.  

    With both face to face and e-learning options, everyone feels comfortable in their learning environment.  Our e-learning experience is just like being face to face with each student receiving the attention they need to succeed. 

    Our Parent Engagement team is dedicated to strengthening the voice of our families aiding us in identifying areas in need of improvement, helping us be the best we can be for you.  When families and schools work together, students are more successful and the entire community benefits.

    As well as offering a high quality of teaching to our students, we also have a commitment to assure that our students receive the best guidance and support—to ensure they feel happy and safe here and are able to thrive and achieve socially and academically.

    Enroll at Palm Bay Academy Now… We Care More and it shows.


    Palm Bay Academy

    Palm Bay Academy is a Brevard County tuition free charter school. Academics are emphasized and blended with Montessori teaching principles. To create equanimity (and make morning outfit choices easier) students are honored to wear standardized uniforms. Small classes are taught by highly qualified teachers so as to provide each student with the attention they need in order to succeed academically and in life.  

    Palm Bay Academy’s existence was initiated by a handful of parents in the community. These parents recognized the need for a learning environment offering an excelled and enriched curriculum for elementary and middle school children. Their need and will created the school.

    Palm Bay Academy opened in August of 1998 with 90 students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Each year, the school added a grade and increased student enrollment without compromising academic standards. By the 2013-2014 over 500 students were enrolled in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.

    The school’s rapid growth necessitated the need for additional buildings. On our 10th anniversary, in August of 2008, Palm Bay Academy Middle School (6th through 8th grades) opened. The new school consists of three buildings totaling 35,000 sq. ft. These buildings feature state of the art technology in all classrooms, a modern science lab, and a 24-station computer lab. The school’s Cafetorium houses a full performance stage, sound proof classrooms and rehearsal rooms, 10,000 sq. ft. of open space that seats 600 for a performance or graduation, and seating for up to 300 for dinner or a banquet. The building also has a full commercial kitchen. We provide students at both of our campuses with a high quality, healthy and great tasting meals that are prepared by our own cafeteria staff.

    Immersion Program

    Palm Bay Academy began its foreign language immersion program in 2007. This is part of our dedication to teach for tomorrow. The schools Immersion program starts at the Kindergarten level each year.  The Immersion program provides equal instructional time in both English and Spanish and now benefits from our new ELL Language Lab (more information below).  This is a continuing program for those beginning in Kindergarten and completing 5th grade.  We seek to prepare our young people for success far beyond the Space Coast, helping them see global opportunities.

    Montessori Program

    Palm Bay Academy has embedded the Montessori method of education within our Kindergarten and 1st Grade Immersion classrooms.   Named after its founder Maria Montessori, this method of education is an approach to classroom learning that emphasizes independence and choice.  This theory of teaching understands that children have an innate interest to learn and will be able to do so in a suitable setting.  The Montessori method creates an environment that promotes a child’s optimal intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development to occur.  Palm Bay Academy promotes these Montessori values and skills ensuring that…

    • Each child is valued as a unique individual learning in different ways.
    • Beginning at an early age, Montessori students develop order, coordination, concentration, and independence.
    • Students are part of a close, caring community.
    • Montessori students enjoy freedom within limits by working within parameters set by their teachers.
    • Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge.
    • Self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori classroom approach.

    Given the freedom and support to question, to probe deeply, and to make connections, Montessori students become confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners.

    STEM and STEAM Programs

    Palm Bay Academy focuses on promoting STEM and STEAM throughout our grade level curriculum, K-8.  STEM and STEAM Education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.  These important concepts put an emphasis on preparing future generations to be successful in their careers. 

    We excel with STEM and STEAM particularly with our innovative educational Middle School initiatives.  These learning opportunities foster student engagement in hands-on learning experiences that cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Through the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program, students delve into the fascinating realms of robotics, coding, horticulture, environmental science, and scientific exploration, equipping them with the skills needed for the future. Simultaneously, the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) program integrates arts and design into the equation, encouraging students to think outside the box and approach challenges with a multidisciplinary mindset. By combining cutting-edge technology, project-based learning, and a supportive learning environment, Palm Bay Academy Middle School empowers students to unleash their full potential and become tomorrow's leaders in the fields of innovation and discovery.   Read More…

    ELL Language Program

    Palm Bay Academy is excited to introduce our newest curriculum enhancement, our ELL SmartClass Language Lab!  This web based platform is accessible on any student device.  It is a simple but powerful tool offering a wealth of benefits to both teachers and students…

    1. Individualized Instruction: Language labs allow teachers to provide individualized instruction to each student. Students can work at their own pace and focus on their specific needs and weaknesses, without feeling pressure from the rest of the class.
    2. Practice and Repetition: Repetition is essential to language learning and language labs provide the perfect opportunity for students to practice and repeat language skills. They can listen to native speakerspractice pronunciation, and work on vocabulary and grammar skills.
    3. Enhanced Technology: Language labs offer the latest in language learning technology, including multimedia tools, interactive software, and artificial intelligence. These tools help students understand and engage with the foreign language in a more interactive and dynamic way.
    4. Increased Motivation:  By providing students with a fun and interactive learning environment, language labs can increase motivation and engagement. This leads to higher levels of student participation and achievement.
    5. Improved Listening and Speaking Skills:  Language labs provide an opportunity for students to listen to native speakers and practice their speaking skills. This helps students to develop a good ear for the language, as well as the confidence to speak it themselves.

    Our new ELL Language Lab is a simple but powerful tool in creating rich, interesting lessons. 

    Benefits of Palm Bay Academy

    • Small Class Size
    • Involved Parents
    • Committed to character and family values
    • Accountability to local School District and State
    • Standard uniform policy
    • Nurturing environment
    • Committed to success of every child
    • Montessori Philosophy
    • Challenging Curriculum
    • Individualized Instruction
    • Innovative Educational Opportunities
    • Technology rich environment
    • Firm discipline policy strictly enforced
    • Physical and social development
    • We Care More

    Florida School Grade

    Florida uses School Grades to measure the overall performance of a school each year on Florida's standardized testing. Each school is assigned a letter grade (A-F). In 2017-18, a school’s grade could include up to eleven components. There are four achievement components, four learning gains components, a middle school acceleration component, as well as components for graduation rate and college and career acceleration. Each component is worth up to 100 points in the overall calculation.  Using this criteria, PBA is currently a D school.  To review Florida School Grades:  Click Here

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    • Gifted Program
    • Literary Week
    • Read-A-Thon
    • Tutoring Program
    • Various Clubs including Strings and Robotics



  • Mission

    Palm Bay Academy is dedicated to serving the needs of its students by providing an opportunity for an enriched academic environment to serve each student with excellence as the standard.



    Palm Bay Academy is dedicated to continuing its role as a pioneer in education by establishing community partnerships to enhance its resources so as to inspire and stimulate the intellectual growth of its students.


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